Brazil Mogiana, Natural 1Kg

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  • Mild chocolate, Nuts and/or Caramel notes, Sweet and Slightly Fruity.

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Region : Mogiana
Growing Altitude : 800 – 1,200 meters above sea level
Arabica Variety : Mundo Novo, Yellow Catuai, Red Catuai
Harvest Period : April – September
Milling Process : Natural
Profile : Mild chocolate, Nuts and/or Caramel notes, Sweet and Slightly Fruity.
Body : Full
Acidity : Low

Brazilian coffees have been excellent ever since it was introduced in South Minas Gerais, migrated to Mogiana, and later to central-western São Paulo. Many other regions still produce, but the quality is not the same. The Mogiana type is one of the best in the world with its full body, fruitiness, sweetness and acidity. Some variations pull to mild chocolate, nuts and/or caramel notes. Less acidity may also occur. All Mogiana coffees are very rich in flavor and greatly appreciated. Rich in red volcanic soils, the border between north-state Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais is called The Mogiana region, or Mogiana Valley. The area was nicknamed like that because in 1882 the Companhia Mogiana de Estrada de Ferro was settled to support the large-scale expansion of coffee plantations in that region. Railroad transport became a major player in the coffee business since it significantly lowered the cost of transportation. With no significant overall difference, only a political border really divides the macro-region between both states. They have differences in microclimate, but the general quality of all coffees produced there is of high standards. Those differences bring some subtle variations in acidity and fruitiness, and even that is a motive for greater appreciation. Truth is that all Mogiana and South Minas regions have great rich soils fantastic weather conditions, which produce wonderful coffees.


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